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See What a Difference a DAY Makes!

Growing up, my father played a fundamental role in shaping the work ethic I hold today.  He always told me to  find work that I enjoyed, and was good at, and that the dollars would take care of themselves. 


I discovered the field of real estate in 1995, and it was just that...a job to look forward to each and every day. I take my  occupation very seriously.  Helping with such an important transition is not only a huge is truly a privilege.


Real estate is not just about selling houses.  It's also, more importantly, about helping people shape their lives. Buying or selling a home is as much an emotional undertaking as it is a financial one.  Where we live affects not only the routine details such as how long we spend in traffic on the way to work; it affects who our friends are...who our children play with...and how we interact in our space.


After over twenty-four years of helping individuals and families move from one "space" to another, it gets more rewarding each and every day. 

(Check out my Success Stories and you'll see what I mean!)


Thinking of buying or sellling a home?  Let me help!



Whether you are buying your first home, or selling your fifth,


call me and


"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance
to work hard at work worth doing."  Theodore Roosevelt
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